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Personal In-Home Experiences 

Hire your Private Chef, or team, for any special celebration, event, or the ultimate in-home dining experience. 


Curated fine dining experiences that are on par or above most star rated culinarily institutions.

Uncompromising quality of ingredients, live cooking, and unique dishes to treasure, regardless of the season.


All in-home experiences include tailored detailed menu planning, sourcing of all the freshest ingredients*, up to three hours of live cooking, plating, table presentation of each dish by the Chef, wine or cocktail pairing service**, clean up of the kitchen space after use, and much more.


*Spices, condiments, and outside prep/labour is included (sous vide, ageing, cleaning and preparation of proteins, etc.)


**complimentary wine suggestions during the menu planning phase that harmoniously pair with each dish (wine not included) 



We also offer packages that include overnight stays in Historic Haarlem open to every budget. We have partnered with several local hosts that have rare gems in the area. They all offer kitchens and spaces where we can perform our magic. Anything from a cozy canal-front studio with a fireplace, to a house in the woods by Bloemendaal.


Book us for your next special occasion!


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! 

Image by Mads Eneqvist


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