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  • Do you speak Nederlands?
    I am getting better every day, but I currently present my lessons only in English. Feel free to write me in whatever language you are most comfortable with, and if you need a translator for any event our team can easily arrange that too!
  • I have severe allergies or food restictions, what can you do for me?"
    Some of us here have some pretty severe allergies to nuts and other foods, so we take every measure to avoid cross contamination. Our team has a serious understanding of special dietary restrictions and allergies, we are proud to offer you the piece of mind that every dish follows the strictest industry levels of operations. cKc
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! We can easily arrange deliveries through our trusted couriers, or one of our team members if in the Haarlem area. Might even be chef Takreem herslef.
  • Do you have coupons or offer discounts?
    We do*! Just send us a quick note or call us to get in on some deals. *Discounts are always available for large orders,and we are willing to work with all budgets.
  • Where is your kitchen?
    We partner with several professional kithcens in the Haarlem area. Depending on the volume you might see us cooking at one of your favourite spots during off hours.
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