From Avellino with Love

Cozy Kitchen Company is proud to introduce Wallet Pizza by Ivan Limpido

The quest for fine food and incredible gratifying street grub granted us a unique partnership with the King of Pizzas from Avellino. Trained by the master pizzaiolos in Naples, with a passion for the absolute pizza, Ivan is the one to follow. The dedication to wholesome and pure ingredients, unique techniques and commitment, is what we can genuinely call the best pizza, and pizza dough we ever had. 


Wallet Pizza is what you have been looking for, give it a try today!


"Wallet Pizza" comes from the Italian "Pizza Portafoglio", the oldest street food concept you can find in Naples, the birthplace of pizza. In essence, it is a portable Pizza Margherita that is easy to enjoy while walking or as a tasty snack any time of the day!  

In Italy, it is called "Pizza a Portafoglio", a concept dating back to 1738 and taking after the folding marks that make it look like a closed wallet. (A very tasty stuffed Portafoglio)


With a full line of Pizza products, Wallet Pizza is here to share their love.


Try today one of our pillowy pizzas, you will be glad you did!

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